High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

4000w /6000w /8000w /10000w /12000w /15000w

Fiber laser metal cutting machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • German IPG Laser
    German double drive gear system / reducer
    Laser wattage: 4000w / 6000w / 8000W /  10000W / 12000W / 15000W
    Work area: 1500mm x 3000mm /                                    4000mm x 2000mm /                                    6000mm x 2000mm


​Fiber Laser Metal rust remove

  • Rust cleaning of carbon steel plate

  • Oxidation of stainless steel paint

  • Does not hurt the material

  • No environmental pollution problem


Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting

  • German IPG Laser

  • German PA software infrastructure

  • Suitable for cutting and punching metal

  • round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, etc.

  • Laser wattage: 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 3000w /


Metal grinding & polishing

  • Available in multiple sizes

  • Automatic processing is completed in one time


Fiber laser plate and pipe cutting

  • German IPG Laser

  • Japan dual drive gear system / reducer

  • Laser wattage: 500w / 700w / 1000w /

  • 1500w / 2000w / 3000w

  • Work surface: 3000mm x 1500mm (plate)

  • 6000mm x 150mm (pipe) 3000mm x 150mm (pipe)


More laser processing applications


Metal / non-metal laser cutting machine

  • Can cut sheet metal and most non-metallic materials

  • 130W / 300W laser optional

  • Japan servo drive + ball screw drive

  • Excellent cutting effect for thick plate acrylic

  • Doubled metal cutting thickness


LGP pannel dotting machine

  • Industry-specific processing and production machine

  • Imported RF Laser

  • High-precision, high-speed RBI performance

  • Compatible with AutoCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP and other software file formats


laser cutting engraving machine

  • It can be used for thin plate engraving and thick plate cutting.

  • Choice of laser wattages and table sizes

  • Several grades provide options for various processing needs


Auto identification edge cutting machine

  • High pixel image recognition, cutting without reading files

  • Large conveyor platform for automated production

  • Specified processing and production machines for the textile industry

  • Customized clothing design


Laser marking machine

  • Multiple laser sources, providing choices for different processing needs

  • Most domestic and foreign major manufacturers designated brands and service teams

  • Low maintenance laser long life


Handheld / fixed dual-optical laser welding machine

  • Surface welding of various types of metal sheets

  • Adjustable power to accurately grasp welding quality

Other processing applications


Filtering system

Laser / welding / odor / dust filtration

  • Effective filtering of contamination from processing

  • Example: smoke / pungent odor / dust

  • Application : laser processing / grinding / welding / rust removal, etc ...


Full-function bending machine

luminous font

  • Hot Selling Global Export Models

  • Industry-specific processing and production machine

  • Whole machine Panasonic servo motor

  • Circulating clamping feeding system


Professional 3D printer


  • FDM and light curing machine

  • High-precision performance

  • Pursuit of Stable Printing


Professional Flat bed cutting machine

cardboard cutting / crimping (for hard materials) / Composite material

  • New multi-tool modules for various plate needs

  • Press roller / bevel cutting / half break / cutting of thick and hard plates

  • Rolling table / zone vacuum adsorption table


Plasma cutting machine

high-performance models for metal cutting

  • Germany ball screw.
    With mechanical floating automatic

  • height adjustment function.

  • Imported straight square guide.

  • Servo motor driven.


3D reverse scanning (fixed / hand-held)

Fast object 3D modeling

  • 3D reverse Scan

  • Scan objects quickly for 1: 1 modeling

  • Multiple scanning tools for different needs


CNC cutting and engraving machine

Cutting and engraving

  • Cutting and engraving for various materials

  • Large table size, partitioned vacuum suction table

  • High speed stable spindle
    Customized design based on needs


Cutting Plotter

Multiple models for different needs

  • Advertising sticker cutting

  • Car sticker cutting

  • Clotting for clothing transfer stickers


Foam cutting machine

2D & 3D cutting

  • High stability

  • Automatic cutting

  • Automatic calculation of cutting time

  • Simple and easy to use

Processing discussion

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